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"…I'm always going to be incredibly busy, but now I can stay on top of everything I need to do and not forget me in the process. I feel more balanced and I am getting so much more done…"

Myrna Brooks,
 Founder & Director, LifeWorks International

"I cannot say enough about Claudine - her initiative, follow-through, business savvy and organization skills are outstanding..."

Marlene Ostroff, Director of Operations, Holocaust
Memorial and Tolerance
Center of Nassau County

"A colleague insisted I contact Claudine. That call changed my life. She is truly a gifted individual and I would highly recommend Claudine whether you are a sole proprietor or small to medium size company..."

John S. Arnold, Partner,
The Human Capital Group

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How Much Time Do Your Employees Waste?

Did You Know?

  • PricewaterCoopersHouse found that the average employee spends 150 hours per year looking for misplaced, misfiled, or lost information.

  • The Wall Street Journal reported that the average U.S. executive wastes 6 weeks per year searching for missing information in messy desks and files (that’s about 1 hour per day).

What Is This Costing Your Department, Or Business?

For an employee who makes $25 per hour, those 150 hours translate to $3,750 per year.
If you have just 5 employees, that’s $18,750 per year

But What About The Things That Are More Difficult To Measure?

If your employees aren’t coming in every day and asking themselves “What is the most important thing I could accomplish for the company today?” they’re probably wasting more time on trivial stuff than you think.

Change begins with self awareness – and Time Management & Productivity training gets your employees thinking differently.

What Else Does Time Management Training Do For You?

  • Results: a study done by McGhee Productivity Solutions reveals that when staff is educated on email best practices can cause an 81% drop in total amount of email kept in the Inbox and a 26% reduction in daily email volume received

  • Employees focus on results, rather than just on getting things done

  • Stress and anxiety decrease because people feel more in control of their work

  • Employees focus more and bring more projects to completion because they learn to manage, eliminate, or work around interruptions

  • Employees find information quicker, waste less time, and improve their follow-up skills because clutter, stacks of paper, and ineffective reminder systems are eliminated

  • Employees produce more of what brings you and the company results because they learn to plan ahead, prioritize, and schedule their work

  • Competent, confident, and professional is the image your employees exude when they are productive and their workspaces are organized

An American Management Association study reported that of the companies who increased their training budgets, 80% had a jump in profits and 70% increased their productivity.

When the people that work with your or for you are truly productive, when they learn to use their time on what creates results, they win, and so do you.

According to Watson-Wyatt Research, companies with engaged employees outperform others by 47% to 202%.

The Vistal Norte Productivity Program

The Training Program focuses on taking back C.O.N.T.R.O.L. over the most common areas of deficiency:

Chaos and clutter (Office setup and Environment)
Techniques to keep the workspace organized so that documents and information can be found quickly

Outgoing/incoming items (Handling & Processing)
Managing and prioritizing the workflow so the important stuff gets done and the less important doesn't fall through the cracks

Negative thinking and reactionary behaviors (Behaviors, Patterns & Thinking)
Managing common issues like perfectionism and procrastination. Read my special tips on dealing with employees who procrastinate.

Time between work, life, and play (Balance and Self)
Finding a healthy equilibrium between work and play – healthy and well-balanced employees are more productive on the job

Relationships and communication (Email, Voicemail, and Fax)
Using email, the telephone, and other forms of communication and technology effectively to increase productivity

Office Setup and Environment (Ergonomics)
Creating a comfortable and productivity-boosting office environment

Lack of goals, unclear strategies, poor planning (Goals, Strategy, and Planning)
Identifying and learning to focus on what brings the most results for their time

Top 3 Reasons To Hire Vistal Norte For Your Time Management Training Needs:

  • My background combines experience in project management, operations, and IT in a corporate environment, as well as NAPO training and extensive research in the fields of organizing and time management.

  • Practical, easy-to-implement solutions customized to the specific challenges you and your employees face with productivity.

  • Focus that goes beyond simply teaching time management tools - by providing the reasons why these tools are important, your employees are motivated and inspired to incorporate them into their daily processes.

Don’t let money slip away from your bottom line –get your employees the training to focus, achieve and plan - and get the results you want.

90-minute, Half-day and Full-day programs are available in the West Palm Beach and Broward areas. Programs are designed around one or more steps in the C.O.N.T.R.O.L. model above.

Contact me to discuss which program may be right for your company.

All of the information you provide to me is 100% confidential. As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, I have pledged to work within the guidelines of the NAPO Code of Ethics and to observe high standards of honesty, integrity, confidentiality, and responsibility.

Download my special tips on how to deal with employees battling with procrastination. Looking for one-on-one Time Management & Productivity Coaching?

"…The workshop was a 9+ - very informative, systematic, and spoke to the true issues behind my time management problems…"

Cheryl Glass

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